MED1 Yachting Agency

With our extensive experience on board superyachts and a carefully selected team of industry experts, our clients benefit from the insight and valuable industry knowledge Med1 is able to provide.

Our focus is on ensuring the maximisation of our client’s enjoyment on board while minimizing your paperwork and administrative worries.

With a base at Limassol Marina, Med1 is located along the Cyprus coastline, which superyacht owners are bound to fall in love with. With more than 300 days of sun, turquoise coastlines, a rich history, wonderful food, and luxurious adventures at shore, Cyprus is the complete superyacht package.



At Med1, we combine resources and skills to provide an extensive range of agency services to meet the increasing demands of contemporary yacht management.
Woman in superyacht charter Charter
Some of the most memorable holiday experiences you can have is while chartering a yacht. With the assistance of the Captain and our expert knowledge of the cruising areas, at Med1 we will create a tailor-made charter, which will take you to the world’s most beautiful places while you enjoy unrivalled luxury on board.
Yacht maintenance is an integral part of yacht ownership. Our specialized team can take care of the full maintenance of your yacht and handle all the procedures of dry - dock booking and haul-in so that you only have to think about your next holiday destination.
There is endless adventure to experience on board, but with that adventure come responsibilities. In order to ensure your yacht ownership is as stress free as possible, our team of experts will assist you with all legal matters that have to do with the ownership of your yacht.

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